London Fields roastery

30th April 2019

Our London Fields roastery sits among a vibrant scene of local artisan breweries, bakeries and cafes, a stone’s throw away from the famous Broadway Market. The roastery is the heart of Cafèdirect and it’s where some of our greatest ideas come from. It’s a place to experiment, explore different coffees, develop new products and train baristas.

A big part of the London Fields roastery experience is that the coffee is small-batch roasted to its own particular taste profile. The team at the roastery work tirelessly to find the best roast for each coffee, testing different profiles, cupping each batch and selecting the perfect one. By small-batch roasting, it’s easier to control the process ensuring a superior quality that can’t be matched on a large scale.

We have a team of three Q graders who work from the roastery. A Q grader is a bit like a sommelier of the coffee world and there are just over 5000 Q graders worldwide. To become a Q grader you have to complete an intense 3 day training course followed by 19 exams across 3 days. Only 1 of the 19 exams is written with the rest relying on sensory skills.

Our team of three Q graders oversee our coffee process from bean to cup, quality controlling all of the coffee we sell. Matt heads up procurement, responsible for buying green coffee beans and building relationships with co-operatives around the world. Georgios and David oversee the production and roasting of our small-batch roasted coffee including our Organics range and coffee subscription service. They all work together to develop new blends, select micro lot coffee and ensure quality is up to scratch so that you enjoy the very best and most interesting coffees from around the world.


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