13th April 2018

What's a blend?

One question we often hear is “what is a blend?”, so we thought we’d explain blends more and run through our blends, helping you find the one (or ones!) which are right for you.

So, what is a blend? In simple terms it’s a mix of two or more coffees. Have you ever tasted a coffee and wished it had a bit more depth or richness to it? The exciting thing about creating blends is that we are able to do exactly that, choosing coffees that complement each other. Blending different varieties of coffee together not only allows us to tailor the coffee to a particular taste profile but also provides you with a consistent cup of coffee each time.

Single Origin vs. Blended Coffee

Given how much focus there is around single origin coffees you’d be forgiven for thinking that blends are simply the poor relative to the far superior single origin coffee, we don’t think this is the case. Whilst single origins are interesting for the variety and distinctive tastes they offer, blends offer something different in the combination of the flavours they can create when they have been blended together by our experts to highlight the most pleasing and complementary characteristics.

We believe it’s worth taking some time to explore our range of blends and perhaps you’ll discover a new favourite (pro tip: our coffee subscription boxes are a great way to experience an amazing variety of coffees). Below we’ve detailed our blends and the key flavours they provide.

Smooth – Where it all began for Cafédirect and the first coffee to carry the Fairtrade label in the UK, this is a great blend of Peruvian, Nicaraguan and Brazilian coffee beans. It’s incredibly smooth and can be enjoyed at any time of day.

Organic – A great blend of Peruvian and Ugandan coffee beans, grown to strict organic methods. Full-bodied and bright with notes of dark chocolate and toasted almonds.

Lively – The perfect of balance of body and strength, this is a skilful blend of Peruvian, Nicaraguan Brazilian and Ugandan coffee beans, carefully roasted to offer you a full-bodied experience. The perfect way to kick-start your morning!

Intense – The perfect coffee when you’re in the mood for a darker coffee that packs a bit of a punch. A superior blend of Peruvian, Brazilian and Ugandan beans. An ideal balance of rich coffee flavours with a rounded toffee finish.

Espresso – This is 100% Arabica espresso is a dark roast featuring Peruvian and Nicaraguan beans. With a strength of 6, it’s our strongest roast and ground coffee and deeply intense. A refined roast with a dark chocolate aroma.


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