What’s the alternative?

26th October 2017

Always read the label

If you are intolerant to dairy, then dairy alternatives are a real godsend. And even if you’re not, the different flavour profiles out there can add a magnificent boost to your daily muesli bowl. But we would strongly urge you to read the label before you buy.

Many dairy alternatives on the market today may claim that they are 100% good for you, but looks can be deceiving. Ever heard of carrageenan? It’s a commonly used thickener and emulsifier for foods like yogurt, ice cream and dairy alternatives. But studies (K. Tobacman, 2012) show that the substance can actually cause severe inflammation in your gut. So if you prefer dairy alternatives, be careful in your selection and always read the label.

Luckily, there are dairy alternatives that don’t contain any carrageenan.

Let’s talk coffee now, shall we?

Because we are addicted to our daily coffee fix, we couldn’t try dairy alternatives without pairing them with some of our favourite coffees.

If you’ve not tried our Machu Picchu yet, you are missing out! It has a wonderful rich body and it’s the perfect companion to creamy cashew flavours, which results in a chocolatey mouthfeel with nutty overtones. It’s a delicious mix of our award-winning chocolatey coffee and a smooth cashew drink.

Should you like a more bright coffee, then we urge you to brew a cup of Kilimanjaro. With its blackcurrant and citrus notes, there’s an ideal balance to be found with a hazelnut drink. Together they create a vibrant beverage with delicious flavour!

We also highly recommend our Colombian coffee. The creamy body of an almond drink offers a delicious balance with the silky body of our tropical coffee. Enjoy the complex flavour profile of almonds and tropical fruits.

We look forward to your own creations of different coffees with dairy alternatives and let us know which your favourite is!


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