Our new tea packs

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Cafedirect's new tea packs

Our tea is now 100% recycleable / compostable

You may have noticed that we recently changed the look of our Hand-picked Tea, not just the design, but also the boxes they come in. These new packs have some real benefits:

•     They are 100% recycleable and compostable – without the foil inside the packs the whole box can now be put in your recycling bin and the bags can be put in your food waste to create compost

•    They are as fresh as ever – the new boxes are fully sealed, so removing the foil has had no impact on the freshness of the tea bags

•    The square bag gives the tea more room to brew so there is even more space in the new shape bags so the tea has more room to infuse

The important thing is that the tea has not changed at all – not one little bit. It is still the same refreshing brew, made from tea leaves hand-picked by expert smallholder growers in East Africa!


  1. Mr Simon Wrigglesworth says:

    As a Cafe Direct committed customer, I was surprised at the changed pack and T bag shape. It took me many weeks to realize that the product was supposed to be the same as the one I liked. But by the time I had found it on the shelves and tried it again I was dissapointed by the flavour. Could it be that intervening delay changed my perception of the product or that the shape and content? ( less tea per bag perhaps ) Whichever, despite assurances, the product is not the same to me so I have had to move on. I am not a customer any more. Still looking for the tea that fills the empty gap though.

  2. Emily says:

    Dear Simon,

    We’re very sorry to hear that you feel differently about our tea now that the packs have changed. We can assure you that the taste has not been affected – we had the tea taste-tested by a number of independent tea experts who have confirmed that nothing has changed, despite the different tea bag shape and packaging.

    We’re sad to hear that you have decided to look elsewhere to find your perfect tea, and do hope you will reconsider buying Cafédirect Hand-picked Tea again in the future.

    Kind regards,

  3. Sue Revell says:

    Sorry to say that I fully agree with Simon. Have been a Cafe Direct convert for years, and recommended to many people. However, the taste from the new bags is nowhere near the taste I have always enjoyed. Even the colour is nowhere near the same. Regrettably, I too am off to research the market to find a tea that tastes like tea. Farewell Cafe Direct… It was good while it lasted!

  4. Nina says:

    I agree with Simon’s comments, I too have been a fan of Cafedirect for many years and have no objection to the packaging for your tea bags changing (though it did take me ages to find it on the shelves) but, THE TASTE HAS CHANGED. I didn’t tell my husband that there has been any change to the packaging and as soon as I started using the new tea bags he complained about the taste. I am now searching for a new fair trade tea that tastes as good as the old ones. I don’t care what your PR department says about this product, unless Cafedirect reverts back to the old blend, I will not be buying your brand of tea bags any more.

  5. Sue Revell says:

    Just adding to my earlier comment, given I had quite a supply of tea bags to use up, I have been using 2 bags per cup and have found that creates the ‘original’ taste. Requires a tiny bit more hot water, but definitely no more milk. Think that’s proves the point re change in strength. Not a cost effective method but better than throwing the others out!

    Any one found a good alternative yet?

  6. Sajeda says:

    OMG I thought it was just me! Yes, I agree with the above comments. Bitterly disappointed with the taste of the new shaped tea-bags and the packaging. Me and my twin sister were so upset :( I will try using 2 teabags but if anyone finds any other great flavored tea bags let us know thank you!!

  7. Do you know whether the tea bags are made with plastic or contain epichlorophydrin?

    • Cafedirect says:

      Dear Jordan,

      Our tea bags are not specifically treated with epichlorhydrin but, like most tea companies in the UK, we do use an epichlorohydrin-based resin in our process of strengthening the paper for use. During development, all raw materials and chemicals have to undergo very rigorous checks. This is only the starting point and prior to products being introduced into the marketplace strict Food Contact regulations must be met.

      We’d also like to reassure you that we use the minimum amount required, and indeed independent tests show that epichlorohydrin type chemicals are not detectable in the water extract of our tea bags. This means that the level is less than 2 parts per billion even though under the stricter FDA regulations, a level of at least 15,000 parts per million (1.5%) is permitted.

      Health and safety is a very important priority for us and our paper suppliers for our tea bags have been producing teabag paper for over 30 years. They have a policy of adherence to all environmental, health and safety standards as well as a policy of continuous improvement to ensure that they not only meet, but exceed all these standards.

      We hope this has helped to answer any concerns you have about our tea bags.
      The Cafédirect team

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