Our new tea packs

Posted by: , January 2nd, 2013, Comments (8)

Cafedirect's new tea packs

Our tea is now 100% recycleable / compostable

You may have noticed that we recently changed the look of our Hand-picked Tea, not just the design, but also the boxes they come in. These new packs have some real benefits:

•     They are 100% recycleable and compostable – without the foil inside the packs the whole box can now be put in your recycling bin and the bags can be put in your food waste to create compost

•    They are as fresh as ever – the new boxes are fully sealed, so removing the foil has had no impact on the freshness of the tea bags

•    The square bag gives the tea more room to brew so there is even more space in the new shape bags so the tea has more room to infuse

The important thing is that the tea has not changed at all – not one little bit. It is still the same refreshing brew, made from tea leaves hand-picked by expert smallholder growers in East Africa!