Colombian Fairtrade Coffee from Cafedirect

Colombian coffee is known as one of the best tasting coffees in the world and our grower partners, COSURCA, come from a region particularly renowned for its coffee – the Cauca region, in Southern Colombia. COSURCA was formed in 1993 with sponsorship from the UN to support alternative crops to coca and offer farmers the chance to improve their livelihoods by producing high quality coffee instead.

The organization has been thriving since the beginning of 2000s, when the current general manager, Rene Ausecha, took over. Over the years, Rene has had to go through great lengths for his coop. He’s had to contend with right-wing paramilitaries, the army and leftist guerrillas who are all active in his region. In addition to that, he also faces stiff competition from some of the multinational companies that are buying coffee from the area.

Rene team is equally enthusiastic and passionate. Cosurca’s quality manager, Jahir Alberto, is a coffee expert, a certified judge for the Specialty Coffee Association of America, Star Cupper and licensed Q Grader.

So far, the team at Cosurca have been very successful in growing the organization and diversify its activity. COSURCA now has a juice production facility for the fruit association, a roaster to sell coffee on the local market and has also acquired a dry mill for their coffee and that of other coops.

The Cauca region is renowned for its coffee, along with the neighbouring Huila and Nariño areas. The distinct quality of the coffee comes from a unique combination of factors such as the favourable climate, the rich soil, the variety of coffee trees and ultimately the hard work and commitment of the coffee growers.

Having our prized Colombian coffee grown with such passion, care and dedication, we are confident that your cup of coffee will have the best taste and quality! Head to our ‘Explore our Range’ tab to find out for yourself and discover our Colombia Roast & Ground Coffee!