The Farmers

For the best tasting coffee, tea and cocoa, you need to go to the best farmers. That’s why we work directly with 40 producer organisations in 14 countries across Latin America, Asia and Africa, who bring their passion and expertise to every product.

We have strong, long-term relationships with the producer groups we buy from. We meet regularly with each of them, usually through our annual producer meetings held at origin each year (read more here). We shares insights about the UK market and how our business works, while the producer groups share updates about their crops for the year and the issues faced by their smallholder farmers. These meetings can be the source of new product ideas and ways for Cafédirect to play a more relevant role in the lives of the producers. These trips are also a chance for our London-based team to visit the farmers who grow our tea, coffee and cocoa, and always result in a unique and valuable exchange of life stories.

We reinvest at least a third of their profits with the producer communities, so every Cafédirect product you buy is a small stake in the future of a thriving farm! Get to know the farmers better by exploring the links below.