Michimikuru Tea Company

  • 10,000 smallholder tea growers
  • Located in the Nyambene hills, near to Mount Kenya
  • Partners with Cafédirect since 2005

Located in the Nyambene hills, near to Mount Kenya, you’ll find the smallholder tea growers of Michimukuru. Cafédirect has been working with Michimikuru since 2005, two years before trading with them.  We supported them to become Fairtrade certified and have since deepened our partnership through programmes on quality improvement, energy efficiency and adaptation to climate change.

In fact Michimikuru were one of the organisations involved in AdapCC, the pioneering climate change project we undertook in partnership with GTZ. The climate data show that Michimikuru farmers will experience increasing drought and higher tempteratures, which made reforesting the local waterways a key priority.  The farmers’ livelihoods are also completely dependent on their tea crop, so they are diversifying into growing more food to consume at home as well as experimenting with growing other cash crops.

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