CECAQ – 11

  • 755 members in this newly formed co-op
  • Located in and around the village of Agua Izé in the eastern part of the island of São Tomé
  • Partners with Cafédirect since 2008

São Tomé, also known as Chocolate Island, is steeped in cocoa farming history and renowned for its high quality cocoa bean, the criollo bean.  It’s also home to CECAQ 11, a co-operative of cocoa farmers from 11 villages around the Agua Izé region of São Tomé, formed with support from Cafédirect, in partnership with the IFAD and DFID. Cafédirect has worked with these farmers since 2008 supporting them in increasing their capacity to process raw cocoa, resulting in better prices for farmers and a luxury hot chocolate for you to enjoy: São Tomé instant hot chocolate.

The criollo bean gives our São Tomé drinking chocolate its delicious velvety, chocolate taste and intense aroma. This is due to São Tomé’s location on the equator, rich soils and the perfect balance of temperature found there, along with the ideal humidity and forest shade.

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