Reinvesting our profits

Cafédirect reinvests the profit from your purchases to grower businesses and communities. This is in addition to the Fairtrade social premiums we pay for the crops.

We reinvest at least one third of our profits, and to date we have actually reinvested over 50% of our profits. We believe it’s the growers on the ground who are best placed to decide how these profits should be reinvested in their communities, so since 2009 these development projects have been managed by the Cafédirect Producers’ Foundation (CPF), a registered charity led by growers for growers.

As a non-profit organisation, CPF can raise additional funding to support our producer partners from international development donors and philanthropists in addition to the Cafédirect funding.

CPF strengthens smallholder farmers’ access to the training, education and information services they need to improve their farms and livelihoods. Emphasis is placed on supporting smallholders as leaders of their own training initiatives. CPF also supports smallholders to increasingly share information and knowledge with each other.

Click on the links below to see where some of these profits have been reinvested.