Packaging & the Environment

Our mission is to pioneer new and better ways of doing business. Addressing and improving the environmental impacts of our business is a critical part of this, and it’s why Integrated Environmental Action is a key pillar of our Gold Standard.

We’re always striving to become a more sustainable business and improve our environmental impacts, as well as influencing others to make progress in the areas we can’t fix alone. It’s a long journey, that involves working with all aspects of our supply chain, including farmers, processors and consumers, as well as key partners, such as the Waste & Resources Action Plan (WRAP)eco3 and Forum for the Future.

What are we doing?

We’ve been using our own tailor-made carbon footprinting tool for 4 years, to understand where our biggest impacts are and what we can do about them.

Through our direct relationships with smallholder farmers  and by supporting the Cafédirect Producer Foundation, we help farmers to pursue more environmentally sustainable tea, coffee and cocoa production, improving their own impacts and adapting to climate change. In our search for a sustainable solution, we created our Coffee Climate Crisis report , which tells outlines the groundbreaking project and the remarkable story of the CEPICAFE coffee farmers’ co-operative in northern Peru. Our project Reforestation Sierra Piua showed how, with the right support, tools and resources, it is possible for coffee farmers to adapt to the effects of climate change and safeguard their own futures. To find out more, visit the page or watch the video!

We collaborate with our processing partners, using our influence to incentivise the highest environmental performance and to inspire innovation. We have ongoing targets to reduce our packaging – as part of that we launched our fully encapsulated coffee pods with 60% less packaging and 50% less carbon footprint!

We do our best to reduce our own direct impacts and we offset our carbon emissions every year in ways that enable more progress in our supply chains, for instance funding smallholder projects that help them adapt to climate change. One very successful project was the Producer Climate Change Competition , where our producer farmers were encouraged to find the most innovative solutions to tackle climate change.

We make the most of opportunities to help consumers reduce the impacts of consuming our products, whether that’s at home or out and about.

You too can make a difference through how you consume our products!


Only boil the water you need for your cuppa: You will reduce your energy consumption and carbon emissions: good for you and good for the climate.

Switch to renewable energy: We have a long standing partnership with renewable energy company Ecotricity and we run frequent campaigns to encourage our consumers to switch their home or office energy supply to a 100% renewable tariff. Head to their website to find out more!

Dispose of our packaging responsibly: Help us ensure as much of our packaging gets recycled as possible! Take a look at our chart to see what our packaging is made from and what you can do with it.

Buy Cafédirect! By choosing Cafedirect, you’re supporting smallholders to pursue more sustainable farming practices and tackle climate change.


Recycling Cafedirect packaging