Our Difference

WE SHARE THE PROFITS:   We reinvest profits back into our growers (over 50% to date) via the Cafédirect Producers’ Foundation 

WE TRADE DIRECTLY & ONLY WITH SMALLHOLDERS:   We never trade via middlemen and only buy from passionate, expert smallholders.  No anonymous transactions here!  This is rare, even for Fairtrade brands

WE SHARE THE DECISIONS:   Two growers sit on our Board & 75% of our grower partners own shares in our business (imagine that!)

WE SET THE MARK:   We were the first UK coffee brand to carry the Fairtrade label and continue to push the boundaries of ethical business

WE INTEGRATE SUSTAINABILITY:   From 2013, we no longer have separate environmental and social impact strategies.  Instead, we’re weaving these into our overall business strategy. This reflects the progress we have made so far in integrating sustainability into our business model and challenges us to keep striving for the full integration we aspire to. The graph to the right shows where some of our key sustainability efforts fit within our Gold Standard.

Sustainability integration