São Tomé – The Journey to Direct Trade

Cafédirect, in partnership with the IFAD and DFID, has been working closely with cocoa farmers in 11 villages around the Agua Izé region of São Tomé for the past three years. The work has been centred on enabling them to increase their capacity to process raw cocoa, resulting in better prices for farmers and a luxury hot chocolate for Cafédirect!

Cafédirect has supported the growers by bringing the 11 villages together to form a co-operative, Cecaq – 11, enabling them to trade directly on the international market.

CECAQ-11 members are now able to dry and ferment the cocoa beans resulting in better payments than for raw cocoa. Cafédirect has also supported the co-op in becoming Fairtrade certified.

Download the story of Cafédirect’s work in São Tomé.

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